My Best of the 2010s

With the decade drawing to a close, it’s time to look back on a transformative 10 years in film. This decade has been marked by the dominance of franchise tent poles, while new voices have emerged in more independent mediums. With the addition of new streaming services and changes in the way films are madeContinue reading “My Best of the 2010s”


Breeze Reviews: Uncut Gems

For a four-minute sequence in the new film “Uncut Gems,” Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) can’t open a door. He tries pressing buttons, using hammers and pouring metal shavings into a lock until he finally manages to pry it open and allow his customers entry to his jewelry store.  Throughout the sequence, characters shout over eachContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Uncut Gems”

Breeze Reviews: Knives Out

One of the most overused phrases in film commentary is, “They don’t make movies like this anymore.” It’s become shorthand in a time where Disney and Marvel control the box office and intellectual property is king. Usually, this disclaimer feels a bit exaggerated, yearning for a nostalgic past that never quite existed. But in theContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Knives Out”

Breeze Reviews: El Camino

During the series finale of “Breaking Bad,” a trailer ran for a widely forgotten movie based on a video game. That movie was “Need for Speed,” starring none other than Jesse Pinkman himself, Aaron Paul. The trailer’s placement and Paul’s career future looked bright as ever, yet, as happens far too often with iconic televisionContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: El Camino”

Breeze Reviews: Joker

After one of the most controversial prerelease press receptions in modern movie history, Todd Phillips’ “Joker” has finally premiered. “Joker” follows the story of Arthur Fleck, a clown living in New York City who has from severe mental illness. As he struggles to cope with a society that he finds cold and wealth-obsessed, while alsoContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Joker”

Breeze Reviews: Rambo Last Blood

While watching “Rambo: Last Blood,” it’s helpful to remember that the character John Rambo, ex-green beret and American legend, committed suicide onscreen in 1982. In the original ending of “First Blood,” the franchise’s first movie, after destroying a small mountain town and killing police numerous officers, Rambo shot himself in front of his former commandingContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Rambo Last Blood”

Breeze Reviews: Hustlers

At the beginning of “Hustlers,” the opening lines to Janet Jackson’s song “Control” sets the stage: “This is a story about control — my control.” “Hustlers” is never exactly subtle in its storytelling, but given the nature of the film’s setting and the pure energy of its protagonists, nuance isn’t necessary. The film, based onContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Hustlers”

Nobody Knows Anything

            When I was a kid I was going through the channels and found The Departed, on HBO. I had no idea what the movie was, and actually mixed it up with another Matt Damon movie called The Hereafterin which he plays some kind of reluctant medium. I’ve never seen The Hereafter, but that day I did click onContinue reading “Nobody Knows Anything”