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Little Women Moves and Astonishes Audiences

“I can’t afford to starve on praise.” – Jo March In the first scene of Greta Gerwig’s new adaptation of Little Women, famed literary protagonist and icon of independence, Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) sells out. As she pleads with her publisher, Mr. Dashwood (Tracy Letts) for her own interpretation, Dashwood shoots back, “Morals don’t sell nowadays.”Continue reading “Little Women Moves and Astonishes Audiences”

Breeze Reviews: Marriage Story

During a scene in Noah Baumbach’s newest film, “Marriage Story,” an attorney tells Adam Driver’s character, Charlie Barber, “Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best; divorce lawyers see good people at their worst.” Over his career, Baumbach has made a living off portraying film characters at their worst, most dysfunctional or most insecure. ThisContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Marriage Story”